Stop Downsizing Your ESP's Chasing Well Decline

Switch to Smart Rod Pumping
  • Longest surface stroke
  • Produce more well fluid
  • Fewest rod string reversals
  • Stop gas lock
  • Reduce well workovers
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“If you can’t fill the pump, you can’t cash the check!”

Building the Future

Introducing 480PLUS™

patented and patents pending

480PLUS™ Energy is pleased to present our ultra-long rod pumping surface unit. 480 inches of polished rod travel today and more coming tomorrow!  We broke the mold when it comes to current surface unit limitations, such as surface travel, and structure lift lower capacity ratings. Using the muscle of fluid power technology with the precision of autonomous motion control we offer a better way to rod pump.

Easy Setup & Operations

The flexibility of fluid power technology allows us to do things others are not able to perform very well.

Autonomous Controls

The flexibility of knowing where and how fast weight transfer position occurs plus knowing fluid level above the pump inlet allows us to do things others are not able to perform very well.

Automatic Well Testing

The flexibility of knowing downhole pump leakage factors offers the ability to integrate and automatically adjust the surface unit motions adapting to downhole pump conditions. Again allowing us to do things others are not able to perform very well.


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